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It is quite heartening that our ultimate objective and educational strategy in preparing young students to be responsible for and responsive on the demands of the society in the dynamic way now going to be prompted by our NBS school, which will carve a niche for itself among other premier educational institutions of Pratapgarh.

The NBS school affiliated to the CBSE Board and located in the rural area of Pratapgarh which offers a rich mix of traditional, modern, cultural, technological educational system to the students.

I/we believe that every child is unique, and by providing individual attention the innate potential within them can be tapped. Therefore we have created an environment that is ideal for joyous learning. Our values are uncommon to many other educational institutions. Our basic objective is development of moral character, selfesteem and a sense of responsibility, critical, analytical and independent thinking, balanced and healthy living and many more to the rural students, The basic aim of the NBS school is to forward the rural student all the way the and providing a quality education which is the right of every child of this country.

I strongly feel that our institution will play an important role in shaping the personality of the students and prepare them to have a sense of self-worth, selfconfidence and moral uprightness.